5-Day Challenge To Have More Menstruation Conversations

5-Day Challenge To Have More Menstruation Conversations

Emmy Kissinger
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A Menstruation Conversation

The other day a good friend mentioned that her teenager shared details about their period at the dinner table. It was a pretty basic menstruation conversation. Her child was curious about menstrual cups and was wondering if she had ever tried one.

My friend shared that she had tried one and inquired about whether her child wanted to try using a menstrual cup too. Her teenager was open to the idea so they decided to look over a few different options online after dinner was finished.

Period Talk Shock

The next morning, we sat together in our cubical at work. With a look of complete shock on her face, my friend told me the story of the menstruation conversation that had taken place at her dinner table the night before.

What shocked her most was that no one seated around the table seemed grossed out or made comments on periods being an inappropriate conversation topic. Her child was simply connecting with her family and making conversation. Even her siblings had been curious about what a menstrual cup was and how it worked.

Period Progress

As our conversation continued we collectively realized that period talk would never have happened around the dinner table growing up. Menstruation conversations were not something to be had around others or when food was eaten. The period talk would definitely have been considered a taboo topic at a family meal.

It was encouraging to see how much had changed over the last decade. Both of us overflowing with gratitude for the progress our society had made in terms of menstruation conversations. Acknowledging, of course, that our families may not be the norm.

Menstruation Conversation Taboo

While menstruation conversations continue to be considered taboo in many circles, mainstream society does seem to be talking about periods more openly than ever.

Social media, blogs, and search engines make information about periods more accessible to younger generations which have likely led to the topic feeling being normalized.

Period parties and moon time celebrations are becoming more common as views shift from periods being considered a bloody mess that should only be discussed when period products are running low in the household to more parents throwing period parties and moon time celebrations for their young people.

Periods & Conversations About Them Are Normal

After all, periods are normal. Your monthly cycle is nothing to feel ashamed of discussing. Having open and honest conversations about our time of the month is essential for spreading helpful information from one individual to the next.

By erasing the stigmas and taboos around period talk we can create a generation of people who are willing and able to tackle problems around access to essential period products and the health indicators that are available when you are knowledgeable about your cycle.

Room For Growth

After we spent a decent amount of time reflecting on the period talk that happened at her dinner table we agree that progress has been made but there is still room for growth. Especially as we begin to understand that many popular brands of period products may not be the most health-conscious choice.

What can you do right now to further progress on this important topic?

Join the Menstruation Conversation Challenge

Let's start a menstruation conversation revolution! We're challenging you to talk to one person about periods every day for 5 days.

See where the conversations take you. Is it uncomfortable or normal? Does bringing up period feel easy or do you hesitate?

Join in with our team at nixit! Let's make period progress together!

Share your experience and use the hashtag #menstruationconversation so that your friends can join in too!

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