About us

We’re nixit, and we are on a mission to think differently about period care, by designing quality products that are built to last. We hope you embrace the journey with us.

nixit isn’t just about a great product - it’s about creating an environment where we all feel comfortable to discuss periods.

— Rachael Newton. Founder

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How it started

This journey began when I was living in the Caribbean. Every morning, I would take a walk along the beach and see the garbage and plastic that washed up on shore. There was no recycling on our island and all our waste went to a big heap in the middle of the island for all to see (and smell).

Quick research told me that there was the equivalent of 4 plastic bags in a pack of pads and all the tampons I used had non-biodegradable plastic in them. Then I found out that disposable menstrual products are the fifth most common source of waste washing up on beaches.

The truth about periods

I hadn’t realized that tampons were so drying, that they contain pesticides, bleach and even glue. I had been putting them in the most absorbent part of my body (and flushing them down the toilet) for years without question. Rushing to meetings with no time to get to the bathroom, constantly worrying that I might be leaking, stuffing tampons up my sleeve, checking for tampon strings at the beach. And all that time, they weren’t even good for me.

I felt cheated - was this really the best we could do? When I started to think about it, I realized that it was completely normal for me to always be slightly worried about my period when I was menstruating - the worry never went away.

Worry free

When I started to look at menstrual cups there were so many options that I didn’t know where to start, but I could see that they were a better product. That’s how nixit was born - a menstrual cup that fits everyone and that is so soft and supple it’s actually easier to insert. 

nixit isn’t just about a great product - it’s about creating an environment where we all feel comfortable to discuss periods - with our partners, with our children, even with our colleagues. Periods aren’t something to be ashamed of and they’re also not something to be worried about.

With nixit, all the typical worries go away - and I want everyone to experience that.

Our impact

nixit menstrual cups make for a clean swap. They’re free of chemicals, and unlike even organic tampons, they don’t dry out or disrupt down there.

Why nixit

Our standards

These registrations mean we hold our menstrual cup to a high standard.

  • FDA logo

    Registered with the FDA

  • Canadian maple leaf

    Authorized for sale by Health Canada

  • Made in Canada

The time for progress is now.

Ever wonder about the waste your period products leave behind? Between the wrappers, applicators, tampons, pads, and panty liners, it starts to stack up. With nixit, all the typical worries go away as it’s a reusable sustainable product. Better for you, and the planet.


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