A Period Care Package For Any Menstruator

A Period Care Package For Any Menstruator

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Newsflash: being on your period isn’t easy. You know this, and anyone who has ever experienced a period likely knows this all too well. But here’s the thing, periods show up remarkably often. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could make it a little easier, every once in a while?

A period care package can help say “I love you” or “take care of yourself - you deserve it”! Whether for a friend who you know is having a tough period week, or to treat yourself, receiving a period care package could feel really special and perk up their day (or week!). And who doesn’t like feeling special?!

We love the idea of taking care of a friend or yourself, being kind, and not “pushing through” when menstruating. If it’s possible, periods can be the perfect reason to slow down, take it easy, and spend a little extra time on yourself or a friend. So here are some ideas for things you could include in a special period care package:

1. Scented candles

Ever wondered why scented candles are on top of the ‘self-care products’ list for most people? Well, it’s because the smell of the candle stimulates the part of our brain that controls our memory and emotions, also known as the limbic system. Hormones like serotonin and dopamine are produced to help elevate the mood. Know what this means? Nice scents can literally make you feel amazing!

2. Heating pads

One of the best natural ways to soothe cramps, heating pads allow the uterine muscles (the ones that cause period cramps) to relax. Heat also helps with blood circulation in the abdomen, also reducing pain. Not only does this help with the pain and uplifts the mood, but they also make you feel warm and cozy! Our favourite is the Magic Bag .

3. Herbal teas

A nice warm drink can be super calming for stressy times. Flower teas in particular, such as Chamomile and Butterfly Pea Flower are known to have relaxing and calming properties. You could also try Rose, Lavender, or Peppermint tea. A pack of these could greatly help those stressful period nights!

4. A pack of comfy underwear

Ever felt like you had too much underwear? Neither have we. Fresh underwear is always useful, so why not include a pack of comfortable cotton underwear as part of the care package!

5. A period product

Of course, no period package would be complete without a menstrual product. Do you know your friend’s go-to period product? Great, they would probably love that! If not we are huge advocates of choice - it couldn’t hurt to include a few options and let them choose their favourite. This might even be the perfect opportunity to introduce them to the world of nixit !

6. Painkillers

Nothing says “I care about you” more than helping your friend effectively lessen their period cramps! Including painkillers in your care package positively completes it, and we have just the one for you. Check out Cramp Aid by De Lune, a research-backed, naturally effective alternative to generic painkillers. Cramp Aid is packed with anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic herbs, minerals, and vitamins for no-nonsense efficacy that also supports your long-term menstrual health. It also gets to work within 45 minutes of the dose. If you’d like to try these out or include them in your care package, go ahead and use the code NIXITDELUNE for 15% off on your entire De Lune order! You can thank us later ;)

7. A period organizer

Finally, all of these things can come together in a nifty little period organizer. A box that sits atop your desk, in your bathroom, or closet, that you take out once a month right when you need it! At the first signs of your period, you have all your supplies ready - heating pads, painkillers, your favourite period product and so much more!

Let us know what you’d include in your period care package - we’d love to hear your ideas too. We hope this makes someone’s day special!

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