Amazing Body Hair Love Stories to Celebrate National Hair Day

Amazing Body Hair Love Stories to Celebrate National Hair Day

Emmy Kissinger
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National {Body} Hair Day

October 1st is National Hair Day and we are all about celebrating hair, especially body hair, from your head down to your toes!

Over the past few decades, mainstream media has worked hard to make body hair a taboo. Encouraging you to spend your time shaving it off and washing it down the drain.

But recently you may have noticed a push to normalize body hair. T.V. commercials, billboards, & banner ads all suggesting that body hair is normal.

Obviously, the body hair movement that's happening is a long time coming and here at nixit, we are more than ready to embrace it wholeheartedly.

That's why we are super excited to shine the spotlight on body hair for National Hair Day. Armpit hair, toe hair, pubic hair- we love it all!

We firmly believe that part of self-love is loving your hair- no matter where it lands. So if you like it, it stays. It's as simple as that.

We tapped into social media to ask friends to share their body hair love story as a tribute to being true to yourself.

Body Hair Love Stories

Body Hair on My Belly

"When I first started seeing my boyfriend I was so embarrassed by one small black hair that grew on my stomach. I would obsess about it and worry about whether it had grown back overnight, plucking it as soon as I saw it. Now that we are married with kids, I have learned to love that little black hair as part of myself. My husband has literally never mentioned it. I sometimes wonder why I was so scared of a single hair." -Tracy, GA

Nipple Hair is Cool

"After having kids the hair around my nipples got darker. This made me pretty uncomfortable especially when nursing in public. I knew nobody could see it but I still hated that it was on my body. I even wondered if my baby thought it was gross. After seeing Instagram's #bodyhairmovement photos I started to realize that it's normal and part of who I am. When I see it now, I think it's pretty awesome!" -Sophia, MI

Better Things to Do

"My body hair, as it grows naturally, is an inherent characteristic of my adult, female body. I am more than an object for sexual viewing and certainly have better things to do than shave my legs, armpits, and vulva. The cultural pressure that dictates women must modify our natural bodies to conform to pedophilic beauty standards is harmful to our self-worth and body images." - Jane, MN

Armpit Hair is Natural

"As a strong independent woman, I feel called to keep my armpit hair. At first, my family wasn't on board but over time they’ve grown to accept it. Keeping my natural body hair helps me feel more connected to my wild and true self." - Jenny, MN

Pubic Hair at Birth

"In Facebook groups I often see people asking about whether they should shave their pubic hair before birth. Based on the responses I decided it was the thing to do. Once the time came around to shave it I couldn't figure out how because my belly was so big. Unfortunately, I ended up with an emergency cesarean where the nurses shaved me during intense labor. This was one of the worst experiences of my life. Since then I have come to embrace my pubic hair and plan to keep it around for all my days." - Maria, WA

Learning to Love My Head Hair

"I never really gave a second thought to the hair on my head other than it wasn't my favorite. But over time I learned about how to care for the hair on my head by using non-toxic products that make me feel confident. Learning to love my hair has been a total game-changer for me." - Tessa, IA

Fascinating Arm Hair

"One time when I was a kid I saw my teenage aunt shave all of her arm hair off. It really freaked me out but got me thinking about how disgusting arm hair must be. Luckily, when I was in college I started paying attention to the people around me that I looked up to and they all seemed to have their arm hair... It's crazy to think about how much time it would have taken me to keep up with shaving my arms all the time!" - Tiffani, VT

How Will You Celebrate National Hair Day?

No matter how you rock your body hair we support you on your unique path. There is really no wrong or right way to do body hair as long as you're living your best life.

Get inspired and inspire others by sharing your body hair story for National Hair Day using the hashtag #bodyhairmovement over on the gram.

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