Bleed & Tell: Brigitte's Story

Bleed & Tell: Brigitte's Story

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Hey you! Did you know everyone has a completely unique menstrual experience? From cycle lengths to PMS to first period products, everyone is different! Did you know that by talking about our experiences openly, we’re able to learn more about each other and ourselves? Yup! In fact, we believe that talking about our bodies helps us have better relationships with them. This is Brigitte's story.

From a young age we are taught to feel shame for having a period, and that stigma has stuck with a lot of people throughout their lives. Period conversations are often dismissed for being too taboo, or outright inappropriate. As a result, people who menstruate can find it hard to practice self-love. 

Bleed & Tell is a blog series where people are proudly sharing their period product stories – including how they ended up using nixit and why they love it! Keep reading to find out their #1 tip for new nixit users.

Before nixit, what was your go-to period product? Why did you start using said product?

I used tampons from ages 13-30, and then I switched to a Diva Cup for 3 years before making the ultimate switch to nixit. I could never stand the feeling of a pad in my underwear, which is why I exclusively used tampons. I never felt comfortable with them though, I had anxiety around changing them frequently enough to prevent TSS, and they felt uncomfortable inside me and during removal. I switched to a cup as a more eco friendly option, not realizing I’d find a lot more benefits and comfort, too! 

What sort of pain points did you experience with previous period products Brigitte, and how did nixit solve the problem?

With my previous menstrual cup, I pretty much felt like I had to urinate all the time, and I often felt it was making my cramps worse. At a certain point, the suction became too intense and I was having pain and panic during removal. I knew it was time for something new. I don’t have any of those issues with my nixit disc!

How many cycles did it take you to nail nixit? What's your #1 tip for others who might be having a tricky time?

It didn’t take me too long. The biggest adjustment I had to do was to make sure that I was either on the toilet or in the shower when removing it — as to minimize any mess.

I’d recommend watching tutorial videos and checking out tips online from other nixit users. Every body and cycle is different, keep practicing until you find what works best for you. I’ve been using my nixit for 3+ years and it’s like second-nature now, I don’t even have to think about it. I often forget I’m even on my period, that’s how much of a difference the nixit has made for me!

What do you love the most about nixit now Brigitte? Why would you encourage others to try it?

The things I love most about my nixit are that it’s comfortable, easy, allows me to have less-mess sex, and I feel good about using a reusable product instead of disposables. It’s also given me the opportunity to have a more intimate relationship with my body and my menstrual cycle — I feel like I know myself on such a deeper level now and that’s a really beautiful thing. I highly recommend it to everyone I know who menstruates. 

nixit menstrual cup

nixit menstrual cup


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