Bleed & Tell: Laura T's Story

Bleed & Tell: Laura T's Story

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Hey you! Did you know everyone has a completely unique menstrual experience? From cycle lengths to PMS to first period products, everyone is different! Did you know that by talking about our experiences openly, we’re able to learn more about each other and ourselves? Yup! In fact, we believe that talking about our bodies helps us have better relationships with them. This is Laura T's Story.

From a young age we are taught to feel shame for having a period, and that stigma has stuck with a lot of people throughout their lives. Period conversations are often dismissed for being too taboo, or outright inappropriate. As a result, people who menstruate can find it hard to practice self-love. 

Bleed & Tell is a blog series where people are proudly sharing their period product stories – including how they ended up using nixit and why they love it! Keep reading to find out their #1 tip for new nixit users.

What was your go-to period product before nixit?

Many years ago, I used tampons regularly and often needed a panty liner as a backup. I relied on tampons to provide leak-free protection that I could count on, but they were often uncomfortable especially after using the bathroom. I went with this option because I didn't really know about reusable products back then and tampons were so widely available. I also didn't understand the impact of tampons on my health and the environment. 

When I became more curious about my menstrual cycle health, I switched to a traditional cup. It worked well, but was often messy to remove and it always leaked. This meant I was either using period underwear or disposable panty liners once again as a fail safe. I figured it was just an anatomical defect in my body and I still wanted to do my best to go green and non-toxic.  Traditional cups also tended to make my cramps worse and often moved around during exercise causing discomfort. 

What sort of pain points did you experience with tampons?

As a fitness professional, I had yet to find a product that let me move comfortably without fear of leaks or pain during my period. nixit supports my menstrual-phase movement practice and now, I don't even think about it when I'm working out.

It's no exaggeration to say that nixit solved ALL of my period product problems...once I discovered how to place it correctly. No leaks whatsoever. No sensation of the disc at all and it stays put which has eased discomfort during my heaviest flow days. What I love most is that it collects, rather than absorbs, period blood. This allows me to observe the quality of my flow and keeps vaginal dryness to a minimum. I also love that it sits completely inside the vagina with no pull tabs or material coming into contact with my most sensitive places—especially during exercise. As an added bonus, I can have worry-free sex during my period! 

How many cycles did it take you to nail nixit? What's your #1 tip for others who might be having a tricky time?

It took a cycle or two to nail nixit, but it was easy after watching this video. The game changer for me was visualizing the rim of the cup going behind my cervix. The most helpful tip I have is to make sure you can feel your cervix from underneath the thinnest material on the cup. That's how you know it's positioned to prevent leaks and discomfort.

What do you love the most about nixit now? Why would you encourage others to try it?

I love that it allows me to be worry-free. I sometimes forget that I'm on my period when I'm wearing a nixit because it's so comfortable and never leaks. It's comfortable to sleep in which means I rest easy and I feel good about using it because it's good for my body and the planet. 

nixit menstrual cup

nixit menstrual cup


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