The Nurse Note's Complete And Honest nixit Review

The Nurse Note's Complete And Honest nixit Review

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Well, hello nixit community! Janelle King here, of The Nurse Note , with a guest blog post to share with all of you. Because of my recent posts on menstrual cups, I've received the same question in my DMs many times - which brand do you recommend? To be honest, choosing the right menstrual cup is not a perfect science but I'm always quick to share my thoughts on cups that have worked well for me.

Quick backstory: I'm on a mission to live a "greener" and a more budget-friendly lifestyle (a girl gotta save her coins) and I've detailed my experience using a menstrual cup for the very first time . I spent countless hours researching menstrual cups-sorting through styles, prices, colors, etc. and let me tell you finding the "perfect" cup wasn't easy.

But I get it. Not every woman has the time, desire, nor the patience to sift through a myriad of websites and reviews. So, I've done the work for you (sort of). Whether you're a menstrual cup newbie, you've worn a cup for years, or you're simply curious about learning about new products, here are my thoughts on one of my favorite menstrual cups by nixit . I hope my review will convince you to give this eco-friendly alternative a try.

About The nixit Cup

So, if you've never heard of the nixit menstrual cup, you've been missing out. Made in Canada (you know I love supporting businesses from my birth country), these cups are composed of medical-grade, BPA-free silicone. Their double rim design gives you an extra layer of protection to prevent period leakage and any unwanted surprises.

How The nixit Cup Stands Out

Transparent moment: I couldn't contain my excitement when nixit agreed to send me a cup to try. I was intrigued by their cup's circular suction-free; one-size design which was unlike any other cup I had ever seen. The nixit menstrual cup is also stem-free which I liked. In the past, I have used cups with longer stems which caused some irritation and discomfort so I always ended up having to trim the stem. I was relieved that I didn't have to worry about this with the nixit cup.

My First Impressions

My cup arrived in vibrant yellow packaging and included an organic carrying bag for storing. The cup itself was wider (70mm in diameter) than any menstrual cups that I had ever used. This made me a little nervous. Would I actually be able to get it in?

I was at home when I had to insert my nixit cup for the first time. After sterilizing my cup, I grabbed it using my thumb and forefinger, folding it in half, guiding it back and downward towards my tailbone. I tried my best to make sure that I pushed it as far back as possible. The instructions recommend tucking the rim up behind the pelvic bone. I'll be honest, my first insertion was an epic fail. I didn't position the rim properly so I woke up with bloodied sheets. After stripping the bed and cleaning myself up, I tried a few more times before finally inserting my cup correctly. It was surprisingly comfortable- so comfortable in fact, that I forgot I was wearing it.

Then came time to empty it. Honestly, this was a little icky (initially). I made the mistake of NOT keeping the cup level when pulling it out so I ended up with more blood than I cared for on my hands. However, I eventually found my rhythm and I mastered the removal.

The Downside Of The nixit Cup

Honestly, there aren't that many, but there is a bit of a learning curve with this cup, even for someone like me who has been using a menstrual cup for some time. The nixit cup is wider than a traditional bell-shaped cup, so it took me a few tries to perfect my insertion technique. I did find squatting over the toilet while standing on my tippy toes helped some.

I also had some trouble positioning the cup's rim correctly behind my pubic bones. After rereading the instructions a few more times, I made sure that I used my index finger to feel for the rim once I stood up. This ensured the cup hadn't shifted out of place.

I love the fact that nixit can be worn for up to 12 hours, but I was more comfortable emptying and rinsing it every 3-4 hours. This is because my nurse schedule rarely allows for bathroom breaks, so when an opportunity is provided, I take it and make sure I do everything hygiene related. I would hate to be caught up in patient care and have to empty my cup at an inopportune time (nursing woes, lol).

Emptying my cup was a little awkward when I was out in public and only had access to shared sinks. I also quickly realized that cleaning my cup with toilet paper wasn't going to work. So I made sure to toss my nixit cup wipes into my purse when I was on-the-go to ensure cleaning was a breeze.

Tips for success

So, I know not everyone is comfortable with the sight of their own blood so if you're a little squeamish, consider emptying and reinserting your nixit while in the shower. This makes total sense. You're already wet, the cup is wet making the insertion so much easier.

Also, once your period is over, boil your cup in hot water for 5-10 minutes and let it air dry before storing it in its carrying case so it's ready to go for the next round.

So, would I use the nixit menstrual cup again? Absolutely.

Months later I’m still using and loving my nixit cup. Although it does take some practice to master, , it provides a level of comfort I don't always find with traditional cups. nixit has definitely become one of my "go-to" cups during my "time of the month."

About the Author:

Janelle King, MPH, BSN, RN, is a registered nurse who specializes in sexual and reproductive health. She has spent many years educating young women about the vagina, periods and sex. She has contributed articles to AARP Sisters Newsletter, Modern Fertility, and The Body among many others. You can find her latest women's health musings on her blog, The Nurse Note.

We hope you found this review helpful - and it answered all of your questions.

Did you find this review helpful? What questions do you still have for us? We'd love to hear them in the comments. Also, be sure to check out Janelle on Instagram @thenursenote or on her blog at !

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