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Thoughtfully designed with your safety and pleasure in mind, nixit lubricated condoms are made from vegan-friendly, chemical-free latex for a natural and ultra thin feel. The added benefit of pure silicone oil lubricant guarantees a comfortable and toxin-free experience. Free of parabens, spermicide, glycerin, fragrances and UTI-causing chemical irritants - change the game with nixit condoms.


Made with natural rubber latex and silicone oil to lubricate.

Made without: parabens, casein, glycerin, nitrosamines, gluten, synthetic flavor.


Our condoms are proven to help reduce the risk of pregnancy and STIs. Every condom is 100% electronically tested for safety.


You can expect to receive your order within 2 weeks with standard shipping. Express orders should be received within 3 business days.

We ship plastic-free in unbranded cardboard boxes.

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    Fragrance Free

    Nothing unnecessary to irritate or inflame

  • Vegan Friendly

    Made with natural ingredients

  • Vaginal Wellness

    Free of UTI causing chemicals

Designed by women, made for you.


How safe are nixit condoms?

Our condoms are FDA 510(k) cleared. When used properly, condoms are 98% effective in preventing pregnancy and highly effective in preventing the sexual transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections and diseases.

What lubricants are safe to use with nixit condoms?

We recommend using a water based personal lubricant that has been FDA 510(k) cleared (like ours). Our lube is paraben and sulphate free, meaning there are no harmful chemicals in our formula. Its water-based formula means that it's safe to use with menstrual cups, toys and most condoms. Oil based lubricants like oils, lotions or petroleum-based jellies can affect the integrity of condoms and should not be used.

Are the condoms vegan-friendly?

Absolutely - our condoms do not contain animal products, including casein which is derived from milk and used for lubrication.

What size are the condoms?

Our lubricated condoms are 53mm wide and 190mm long. They are ultra-thin at 0.055mm for optimum feel without compromising strength and safety.

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