All You Need To Know About Menstrual Cups And Constipation

All You Need To Know About Menstrual Cups And Constipation

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With menstrual cups gaining popularity only quite recently, people around the world are still getting used to them. There continue to be many questions about their functionality, as well as concerns about what kinds of cups suit what types of bodies. Our aim is to bring clarity and answers to these unknowns.

A concern that has been coming up recently is that of menstrual cup constipation. Do menstrual cups cause constipation? Do they affect our bowel movements in any way? Is it possible to end up pushing the cup out while pooping?

All great questions. Let’s clear this up!

It is possible that your poop is affected during your period? Absolutely. But is this because of your cup? Probably not.

Like other menstrual symptoms, constipation is said to be caused by fluctuating hormones. Progesterone and estrogen play a role here: as progesterone builds up in the body, your digestion slows down a bit. This can possibly cause some amount of constipation, both before as well as during your period.

So, to put it simply, menstrual cups do not cause constipation. There is currently no evidence that supports this idea. Some people like to remove their cup before having a bowel movement as it makes them feel more comfortable, but it’s not required and it’s unlikely your cup will fall out. Your menstrual cup may need some readjustment or checking afterwards, just to make sure it is still in place correctly.

However, as bowel movements occur, it is possible for muscular activity and the motion to dislodge a cup, particularly if it sits in the vaginal canal.

Uterus model showing menstrual cup inside Photo from Period Nirvanva

This is where we come in!

nixit is a menstrual cup that sits at the base of your cervix, and is held in place by the pubic bone. That means, it isn’t in a place where bowel movements and muscular contractions can dislodge it at all. Some people are concerned that menstrual cups will stop their poo from exiting their body. As you can see here, nixit doesn’t block your rectum.

nixit placement

Photo from Put A Cup In It

Plus, you won’t feel a thing. You also won’t have to bother about the mess of removing and reinserting your cup every time you need to poop, with nixit. If you’re struggling with a cup for these reasons, we recommend you try out nixit.

So, remember that cups in themselves don’t cause constipation or changes in your bowel movements. It’s probably your period! We’ve talked about period poop and it’s causes in great depth, you can read about it here .

Have you noticed constipation during your period? Let us know how you deal with it!

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