Finally! The Menstrual Cup Comparison Chart You’ve Been Dreaming of

Finally! The Menstrual Cup Comparison Chart You’ve Been Dreaming of

Emmy Kissinger
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The Difference Between Menstrual Cups, Traditional Cups, and Menstrual Products

With so many menstrual products on the market, how do you decide which one is right for you? Here is a breakdown of how nixit compares to traditional menstrual cups, and why you just might want to make the switch!



CAPACITY 70ml 10 -30ml
PRODUCT LIFETIME Up to 5 years Varies from 1 - 10 years
MATERIALS 100% medical grade silicone Varies based on brand
SIZE One-Size Varies based on brand
WHERE IT SITS Vaginal Fornix Vaginal Canal
CERTIFICATIONS FDA registered, authorized for sale by Health Canada Varies based on brand


First of all, let’s just look at the capacity of each. nixit holds 70 ml of flow - that’s four tampons worth!! Traditional cups hold 10-30 ml, followed by tampons which hold only 6-18 ml. Coming in last but not least are pads, which only hold 5 ml of flow.

Product Lifetime

Next, let’s talk about lifetime. Like other menstrual cups, nixit is reusable. It has a lifetime of up to 5 years. Traditional menstrual cups can last 1-10 years, depending on the brand and material. These products are zero waste. Of course, single use, disposable products have a short lived usefulness, then they and their packaging live out their many remaining days in the landfill.

Cost Over 5 Years

When it comes to cost, nixit is an affordable option, along with other menstrual cups and discs. However, staying stocked in disposable products is a never ending money pit.


Are you looking for a product that allows you to enjoy a little time in the bedroom (or shower, or wherever you fancy) with your partner? nixit allows for penetrative sex while inserted. Other cups don’t allow that kind of freedom.


Now you may be wondering how these things actually work. Pads collect flow outside of your body. Tampons absorb flow inside your body, but could affect ph balance, cause dryness, UTI, or Toxic Shock Syndrome. nixit and other traditional menstrual cups collect; they don’t absorb, and they’re better for your body because there is less risk when compared to tampons that absorb your flow.

Suction and Removal

If you’ve never used a menstrual cup before, let me fill you in. Traditional menstrual cups use suction to stay in place and collect flow. When removing traditional menstrual cups, you need to first break the seal to release the suction. Traditional menstrual cups also utilize a long stem that sticks down for you to grab onto, helping with the removal process. In contract, nixit is suction free! It’s easy to unlock because there’s no seal to break. In fact, many of our users report being able to simply push it out. Tampons are removed with a string that hangs out of your body. Unfortunately, these strings can absorb pee when you urinate, which could lead to an unwelcome UTI or worse.

Size and Where It Sits

When it comes to your body, everyone is different. Finding the right menstrual product is hard! Whether using a pad externally, a tampon internally, or a traditional menstrual cup placed in the vaginal canal, you need to find the right size for your body type, activities, and flow. Nixit sits in the vaginal fornix, therefore one size fits all. No more guessing, using products that are too big or too small or can’t be used through all of the changes in your day. nixit will be just what you need, when you need it. (And don’t forget about the ability to have sex with it later that night, or for an afternoon delight!)

Toxic Shock Syndrome

According to, “ Toxic shock syndrome is a sudden, potentially fatal condition. It's caused by the release of toxins from an overgrowth of bacteria called Staphylococcus aureus, or staph. The body responds with a sharp drop in blood pressure that deprives organs of oxygen and can lead to death.” Yikes! Nobody wants that. Risk of TSS is heightened by using tampons, which are the perfect medium for bacteria to breed. There is no risk with pads, and a very low risk with menstrual cups and discs.

Odor and Scents

No one likes to smell down there. Many disposable products are laced with artificial fragrances to mask the smell of the odor tampons and pads cause. We don't include scents and perfumes to make anything smell a certain way - we believe natural is nicer.

Nixit For The Win

In a nutshell, nixit outshines all the others when compared to traditional menstrual cups, pads, and tampons. It is FDA approved, authorized for sale by Health Canada, ISO certified (meaning we follow the best manufacturing practices), suction free, stem free, one size fits all, unscented, collects flow rather than absorbs it, holds the most, can be used during sex, does not have an odor, and lowers the risk of TSS. If you’re on the fence about which menstrual product to use, we hope you’ll give nixit a try. You can even check out our guide for nixit newbies to ease any worries. Once you switch, you'll never look back

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