Revolutionary Art That Demystifies Period Blood

Revolutionary Art That Demystifies Period Blood

Emmy Kissinger
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Beautiful Period Blood Art

Take a minute to think back to the first time you got your period. What did it feel like when you noticed a few spots in your underwear or saw blood for the first time? Was it scary? Did you find it fascinating? Or maybe you were ready and were finally able to take a huge sigh of relief.

We believe that period blood signifies the strength we have within us and it's time the world sees just how strong we are. We decided to cast a special spotlight on period art from around Instagram.

You'll find sketches, paintings, professional photographs, and more. While gazing at these works of art, we hope you will find a piece that speaks to you. Period art that evokes emotion shifts your perspective, or simply makes you say hooray for period progress.

We are forever grateful for and humbled by the incredible artists who are demystifying period art with their artistic talents from all over the world.

Revolutionary Art

Get ready for vibrant reds, sparkly glitter, and subtle reminders of what it’s like to bleed.

Uterus Painting

Uterus painting by

art showing uterus

Silije shared with us, “The painting is a symbol of aging, with the leaves that are falling off…”

Bleeding Sketch

Sketch of a bleeding woman by @bloodygirlgang

girl sleeping

The artist shared the following with us: “Bloody Girl Gang illustrates experiences of the marginalized to destigmatize social and cultural taboos and in this particular piece, period blood.”

The illustration is by Shawna Chan, Creator of Bloody Girl Gang

Bloody Water Photo

Blood in bath water by @marianrrea period blood

On Instagram, the artist shared, “I want you to see this image and remember how perfect you are, I want you to remember to honor what your body tells you, whether this be to rest and feel all the feels or create something with your feminine energy, I want you to remember that every month you have the opportunity to renew yourself, and want you to remember that your blood is beautiful because it flows from your heart.”

Vulva Watercolor Painting

Vulva watercolor @artlindacatarina

art showing vagina

Linda Weissman is an amazing artist from Stockholm, Sweden who is working on an incredible project, “VULVA PORTRAIT SERIES🌷✨ There is both such an ease and a strong effort to drawing every single one of these portraits. There’s a complexity and strong individuality to each one and I’m trying my best to capture that, and at the same time make them come together as a whole.”

Bloody Fingers Photo

Fingers with blood @iammatiladacarroll

period blood on fingers

“Honoring the sacred regenerative properties of the ‘Flowering’ of our Wombs.” 🌸🌸

Bloody Underwear Photo

Blood on underwear @loruponyo

period blood on underwear

The artist graciously contributed the following information, ''Inspired by my body and that of others, I try to represent it without filters and as natural as possible. It doesn't scare me to speak or show my blood and that of others because they are part of my daily life and normality. This image is part of my project on sexuality and on metaphors to represent it: The artist's current point of view in terms of portraits expresses all the vulnerability of her age thanks to the careful positioning of flowers and fruits, glitter, etc which become a symbol of the human body and sexual organs.''

Period Blood - Demystified

The art featured in this post was curated from artists who shared their work on Instagram. On our Instagram account, we feature period art like this on the reg.

Please share! Which of these amazing pieces of art is your favorite and why?

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